Our Services

Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability reporting is the best tool to assess, manage and communicate the social impact of your business to your stakeholders. Our team will support you throughout the entire process to help you deliver the report that will best reflect the spirit, progress and sustainable development of your company.

Materiality Assessment

Because every business is unique, and what may be an issue for your business may be an opportunity for another business, we will help you identify the social, environmental and economic issues that are material to you and your stakeholders. Making it easy for your company to focus on the topics that matter the most, instead of wasting time and money on issues that are not relevant to neither your business nor your stakeholders.

Stakeholder Management

The best way to manage your impact is to listen to your stakeholders, understand what they want in order to meet their needs, in the most accurate way possible.

SROI Analysis

Giving back to your community is a selfless act, however it should be based on a strategic decision and planning. By knowing in advance where to place your investment and which social project to support, you will not only guarantee a long term impact for your beneficiaries, but will also generate a social return for your investment allowing you to measure its impact on the targeted community.

CSR Initiatives & Projects

Does your business need to come up with interesting social initiatives to help out your stakeholders and reflect your core business at the same time? Our team of sustainability professionals is ready to help you come up with the right initiatives and connect you to the most suitable social causes.

Corporate Volunteering

Engaging your employees in causes that speak to their social consciousness has a long term impact ranging from boosting their morale, productivity and most importantly their sense of corporate pride leading to employee retention. CSR Shift´s corporate volunteering survey, will help your employees identify the social issues that are closest to their hearts, offering them the most suitable volunteering opportunities.

Cause Marketing Initiatives

Need your product to have a double purpose? Let us help you connect what you are promoting to a social cause.
This way you are not only selling your product, but using it as a motive for your clients to give back to their community.
Latest statistics have shown that 52% of shoppers worldwide are prone to select brands committed to positive social and environmental impact.