Responsibility: Far Beyond Finger Pointing

CSR October 11, 2018

We live in a world where the word “threat” continuously makes the headlines, shaping all aspects of life on earth.

From scarcity of Natural Resources, climate change, illegal logging, toxic waste, deforestation, overexploitation to pollution… the list goes on showcasing a common denominator; Man’s interference with nature.

What has started as an instinctive exploration led by human curiosity, soon transformed into a limitless and destructive behavior. A living proof that what goes around comes around, and humanity is the one paying for it.

Organisations, governments, activists and humanitarians all around the world have taken it upon themselves to conduct this battle against the “disturbers” of the planet.

But can we identify those disturbers? Are they living on another planet planning to destroy ours? By pointing at them are we assuming that we, as individuals, as citizens of the world are not at fault?

We are all responsible for what is happening, by simply being part of a system and a set of mind that is being imposed on us in a modern and innovative package. We choose every day to measure the world and its problems according to our personal lives and whether or not it is affecting us directly. Forgetting that we are part of an ecosystem ruled by a chain principle, that is being disturbed, putting a considerable pressure on its carrying capacity.

The ever-growing development of technology allied with obsolescence, is becoming more of a state of mind than anything else. It is a human made recipe for a vicious cycle. A cycle with a new set of priorities dictated by profit even when human life is at risk.

Consumerism has proven to be the disease of this century. As a guarantee for their market survival, companies are creating and answering to limitless demands.  Everything has limits and nature isn’t exempt from this realistic concept. It is up to the human being to assume its responsibility by bringing sustainability into the equation. The simple acknowledgement of the bio-capacity of the ecosystem is a step forward towards measuring our footprint and managing our actions in a sustainable manner.

Responsibility is not a given, it is earned by the human consciousness.

According to Abraham Lincoln: “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”. And this is what sustainable development is all about…

*Rima El Khoury comes from a background in Political Science and International Relations. She holds a Masters Degree in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility from EOI (Escuela de Organizacion Industrial) in Madrid.