CSR IN SMES: Values Becoming Valuable Once Shared

CSR December 11, 2018

In an ever-changing world, re-thinking traditional concepts and frameworks is becoming a must, especially for the world of business where profit has always been the ultimate goal to attain. The economic aspect, although crucial, has…more

When Social Meets Business

Social Entreprise November 11, 2018

Before the social enterprise concept even came to life, the limit between the profit and non-profit world has never been so clear. Social issues were addressed within the context of a non-profit organization through fundraising…more

Responsibility: Far Beyond Finger Pointing

CSR October 11, 2018

We live in a world where the word “threat” continuously makes the headlines, shaping all aspects of life on earth. From scarcity of Natural Resources, climate change, illegal logging, toxic waste, deforestation, overexploitation to pollution……more

Innovation At The Heart Of Nike

CSR March 24, 2014

Just like its athletes, always ready to take on new challenges, breaking records is the way business is done at NIKE. A multinational company that strives at pushing the envelope regarding sustainability through innovation. The…more

Climate Change:Victimisation Of A Generation By Another

Environment December 16, 2013

The gravity of a problem starts being noticeable when even enemies get together in order to put an end to it. Climate change is a natural fact that is becoming more dangerous by the day,…more